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Hart Ketogenic Plan

The Western world is facing a pandemic, no that's not right, it's facing a tsunami of illnesses all caused by the "food" we eat and drink. Obesity is so common today and this is leading to enormous pressure on Health Services costing unnecessary billions to tax payers as well as human suffering.

How did we end up here? We have simply been given the wrong advise based on "experts" opinions which took the world by storm some 40-50 years ago. Today still, this is the advise given by the majority of Doctors, Dieticians and of course Health Authorities in many countries.

What was the advise? Eat Low Fat and High Carb - that's why we have a tsunami of obese and sick people today (many more have died an early death)

This website has a lot of information. If you want to learn what happens inside and outside your body by changing your life and follow a Hart Ketogenic Plan then please go ahead and press on the links below. All information below is relevant to how the Hart Ketogenic Plan is structured.

If you want help in changing your life, losing weight without going hungry. You can't get pregnant? - we are likely to be able to help you. Stopping and even reversing existing autoimmune diseases, then please just contact the Clinic and make an appointment. You can visit in person or via Internet/ Skype.

Initially just read what the Hart Ketogenic Plan stands for. What it can do for you. You don't need to know too much, in fact it will probably confuse you. So only press on the links below which may be of interest. In the meantime just PRESS HERE

Auto immune diseases

Autophagy & mitophagy

Carbohydrate intolerance





Exogenous ketones





Hart Ketogenic Plan

Immune system

Inflammations what causes them

Insulin resistance

Insulin Index

Keto flu





Ketosis & fat adapted

Leptin resistance


Metabolic Syndrome



Omega 3 & Omega 6, Fats and oils

Pro-biotics & Pre-Biotics

Protein and amino acids

Read food labels

Saturated fat

Sleep deprivation

Stress cortisol

Sugar & artificial sugars


Vitamins & minerals