Pro-Biotics & Pre-Biotics


Pro-Biotics & Pre-Biotics - what are the main differences?

Your overall health starts in the gut! It is where you give your body a chance to heal and recover, keep you young and boosts immune system warding off illnesses and diseases. If you eat real food, a gut with good bacteria will also help you lose weight.


Pre-Biotics are what you put in your mouth and it's food for the Pro-Biotics. It is non living but it feeds the good bacteria in your gut. Pre-Biotics can encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria already living in the body and also aid in the growth and maintenance of Pro-Biotics. The best foods to eat are any foods which have been fermented but NOT pasteurized. Most supermarket products are pasteurized except Kimchi. Some cheeses is also good as long as it's not pasteurized. You can easily make